Broward College Tour

Broward College Tour 2014

Broward College Tour 2014

Ranger Good Works, with our friend, John P. Hart, Chair of the Broward College Foundation, was able to connect with Broward College to arrange a college tour for the 5thgraders of Dillard Elementary School. Our hope is when students are exposed to college at an early age they will start thinking about the future of their education and careers.

Over one-hundred wide-eyed students entered Broward College’s A. Hugh Central Campus to tour the Health Sciences Simulator Center and the Buehler Planetarium. They were greeted by college administrators and student ambassadors who gave a spectacular tour. The college mascot, Sammy the Seahawk, showed the students how to put their hands together to create the Seahawks hand gesture (see photos in our Event Gallery).

In the Health Sciences Simulation Center a team of doctors and nurses gave an overview of simulators. One was a human simulator on a gurney that could blink, breathe, and talk. Each student was given a pair of gloves and stethoscope with a heartbeat simulator attached enabling them to experience some of what it is like to be a nurse or doctor.

The tour concluded in the Buehler Planetarium, a state-of-the-art facility that features a 40-foot dome where videos of the cosmos are projected for everyone to see. The students were able to see stars that are impossible to see with the naked eye.

Events like these encourage students to pursue higher education – a necessary part of improving the community. Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping with these events, and an extra special thank you to John Hart and Broward College for making today’s college tour possible!

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The Neiman Marcus Love to Give Collection – Holiday reception benefiting Dillard Elementary School

Neiman Marcus Love To Give 2014

Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale and Ranger Good Works presented The Love to Give Collection on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014. This event kicked off a fundraising endeavor that will last through December 24th, during which time 10% of all sales generated from items in The Love to Give Collection will benefit Ranger Good Works in support of Dillard Elementary School.

During the reception, an undecorated Holiday tree came to life with every donation. We made it bright and beautiful for the 900 underprivileged students of Dillard Elementary School. Together we are changing the lives of these students by meeting their basic needs, giving them love, and augmenting the educational tools they so desperately need.

The Young At Art museum volunteered their artists and time to assist in the creation of a masterpiece with the students from Dillard which was on display during the event. Attendees enjoyed the outstanding performances from the Impact Girls, the Eagles Step Team, the Dillard Drum Line, and Ms. Marguerita’s Dancers. The Martin Men wowed the crowd with their charming manners while serving chocolates and smiles.

Thank you to all who attended and all who continue to support our efforts!

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