Our mission is to be a trusted volunteer program and friend to our local communities’ most under-resourced populations. Reflected in our philosophy and mirrored in all we do, Ranger Good Works embodies a commitment to empower those who need us most by helping them reach their fullest potential while displaying values such as honesty, loyalty, and dependability in our relationship with them.

About Us

Ranger Good Works is a nonprofit charity which consists of at-will Volunteers who dedicate their time, talent and treasure to aid and improve the quality of life for our citizens. Giving back to the community is a core value for our organization and our members.

Through volunteer hours, donations, technology solutions, marketing efforts, software services, and connections, Ranger Good Works supports programs and organizations that address the needs of our local under-resourced communities throughout South Florida.

Ranger Good Works is a 501(c)3 Public Charitable Organization

Why Ranger Good Works chooses to work hard for its communities’ children… because almost 1000 students need us desperately. There is much to love about Dillard Elementary School if you have the opportunity to know them. They need someone to love and support them. Join our effort in making a change in their lives. The children are uniformly poor. Many lack almost everything other kids enjoy such as family and the necessities of life. The children have been dealt a hand that they cannot control. Eighty percent of them are from single-parent families. Many of them are raised by grandparents or great grandparents. There are approximately 100 families who are homeless and have children attending Dillard Elementary.

What Ranger Good Works is trying to accomplish – Setting up sustainable, repeatable programs to share.

Stabilizing and establishing an inclusive, sustainable program for our featured organization Dillard Elementary is our current focus. Ranger does support other organizations. Our purpose is to help provide a quality education to students which will enable them to become well-rounded individuals to compete with peers both academically and socially.

We are currently servicing Dillard Elementary in several areas:

                • Advocate on behalf of the school to bring community support
                • Administrative partnership and guidance
                • Motivational incentive and awards for the teaching staff and children
                • Sending or coordinating volunteers
                • Mentoring  and tutoring students in the areas of reading, music, math, science and technology
                • Supplying financial donations for books, clothing, shoes, hygiene products, food and miscellaneous goods
                • Procuring supplies such as clothing, food, hygiene products, educational tools and supplies
                • Procuring technology: ipads, nooks and software
                • Providing community exposure (visits to businesses, museums and more)
                • Setting up field trips and funding for transportation
                • Aid in coordination of tours and giving funds for College Tour programs
                • Financially supporting and organizing after school clubs and summer camp programs
                • Life Experiences they will not get at home

Outcome – We are looking for the outcome – check back in a few years, perhaps then we can give you more data on the long-term outcome of our programs. In about 15 years you will see for yourself if we have had a big enough impact as all of the children will become adult citizens in Fort Lauderdale.

Our current progress – the results speak for themselves.

Dillard Elementary begins with 3-year-olds in a head start program and runs to fifth grade. For the school year, 2016-2017  Principal Gretchen Atkins-Brown has accepted the role in leading the school and will work diligently to continue a culture of excellence at Dillard Elementary School.

Mrs. Angela Brown had been principal of the school for four years. Through her leadership and a combined community effort, she changed the schools ranking in a positive direction. Mrs. Brown continues to be a great leader and a committed partner to Ranger Good Works. Angela Brown dedicates herself to the students of Broward County Public Schools. She has taken on a new position of Director, Coaching and Development in the Office of Talent Development at Broward County Public Schools. Her position is to make an impact on over 50 schools in similar positions as Dillard. We know she can. Stay tuned.

Dillard Elementary flourished under her leadership and now continues under the direction of Mrs. Atkins Brown. Being a partner with a principal who wants to make a significant change from the inside out is our primary focus. Ranger Good Works will continue to invest in Dillard students, teachers, and Principal Atkins Brown.

Almost 75% of the students are engaged in afterschool clubs and programs. Our funding sustains them. Reports from the Principal suggest the school rarely suffers from children with bad behavior any longer. Attendance for the students participating in afterschool clubs is almost 95%.  Compared to the population that does not attend afterschool clubs the number is 50% absenteeism.

The administration, the faculty, and the students try hard to change the course of their destiny with hard work and determination. Please get involved with Ranger Good Works with either volunteering to help or fund one of our programs. With your help, we will make an impact on 1000 children.

Thank you for your interest!

Ranger Good Works is a 501(c)3 Public Charitable Organization