College Tour Program

Through the College Tour Program, Ranger Good Works is providing Dillard’s 5th grade students with a “life changing” college tour experiences to really promote dreams. Students get to walk through academic, residential, athletic and administrative buildings on a college campus, meet with the faculty and discuss college programs and speak with on-site college students to discuss campus life.

RGW 2016 College Tour was at Florida Atlantic University and the students were able to stay in the dorms for 3 nights, attend classes, interact with college students and have time to explore the campus.

Many of Dillard’s students will be first generation college students, therefore the College Tour is essential to inspire the students and help in the development of their young minds instilling the value of higher education and how to attain it.

College tours include most of South Florida Universities as well as other universities within the State of Florida and outside the state as well.

Funding is needed for transportation, food, lodging and miscellaneous expenses. Click here to Donate or Contact us to help sponsor a College Tour.