In the Ranger Super Coder and Robotics club, students in grades three through five learn the basics of both coding and programming Lego robotics. In the beginning of the year, students are taught the basics of coding using programs such as, and Through the use of these programs our students are learning conceptual thinking which in turn fosters problem-solving skills that will in turn encourage a way of thinking that will help them in their day-to-day lives.  Each Friday students are given an opportunity to practice coding for the first hour and then they work with a partner to build and program their Lego Robots. During this time students get a chance to not only talk with their friends, but they are also given an opportunity to strategically solve problems focusing on logical and analytical reasoning and critical thinking.  This program has goals of preparing its students for college and career readiness, competitive workforce, and focuses on those life long skills that can be applied and transferable to any industry, especially those that focus on science and technology. For the remainder of this school year, students will learning how to incorporate the Lego Robotics expansion packs that focus on environmental goals such as addressing climate change and responsibility. Students will also be learning the basics of   HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Here are a few photos of students who recognized for their participation.  Great Job!  Click here to join our volunteer team.

Computer Coders and Coaches are needed to help support our initiative with the Coding Club.

The Super Coders meet once a week to learn about Computer Science, Coding, or Robotics. They take field trips to businesses and colleges to be exposed to technology being used or taught in action.  We are hoping to attract the youth at a young age and give them a quality computer science education.

Please consider hosting a field trip for the students to your businesses IT Department or Volunteer an hour of time to share your related knowledge.

*Note: We are recruiting for Volunteers to assist with our Super Coders and Robotics Club on Friday Afternoons.  Please contact us for more information.

Watch videos of our previous Hour of Code Initiatives.  Join the coding fun!