Ranger Good Works holds, participates in, and attends many events throughout the year as we strive to improve our local community. This media gallery contains some of the highlights of those events.

Gifts for our students are always needed ~ December 2017

Citrix Systems, Ranger Technical Resources and other donations from Ranger Good Works Members helped supply students with holiday gifts, school supplies, clothes, shoes, hygiene products and more. Ongoing donation drives keep our on-campus supply pantry open for business with no price tags.  The pantry is located directly on campus to assist Dillard students when something unexpected comes up. A Big thank you goes out to all of the donations made to the Dillard supply pantry.

5th Grade ~ Florida Atlantic University College Tour December 2017

College Tour to Florida Atlantic University December 2017

Through the RGW, BCPS and FAU partnership, 100 Dillard Students had their chance to see what like being an OWL is. The experiential field trip to FAU provided Dillard Elementary students a glimpse into college life and the college experience. The FAU staff fed the student’s curiosity and showed our students there is a world of opportunity ahead of them if they want to explore. We are hoping College Tours can contribute to shaping student’s minds positively and help them set long-term goals including attending college. A special THANK YOU to FAU for hosting the Dillard Elementary 5th grade with a very special campus visit. This could be the 2025 incoming class of FAU Owls!

Code.Org ~ Hour of Code RGW 2017

Hour of Code at Dillard Elementary December 2017

Ranger Good Works made another big impact on the children of our favorite school Dillard Elementary with our “talented local team of tech skilled volunteers” on December 17th during the International Computer Science Education Week and CODE.ORG Hour of Code initiative.  Touching the lives of over 850 pre-k-5th grade students; classes participated in either a “birthday binary bracelet activity” for the lower grade levels with the 3-5th graders working in coding programs on actual tech devices.  Thank you to everyone who supports Ranger Good Works providing the students at Dillard Elementary an opportunity to see how coding and computers impact our lives, igniting their curiosity and opening doors to their future.

Love To Give ~ Neiman Marcus November 2017

Reception by Ranger Good Works for Dillard Elementary School  Ranger Good Works is fortunate to have the nurturing support of Neiman Marcus at The Galleria in Fort Lauderdale. We are honored to be the chosen non-profit organization in our community by the luxury store & we came together to cheer for the 2017  holiday season. November 7th more than 150 guests came out to celebrate our annual “Love to Give” event enriching art education and experiences to the students of Dillard Elementary because ART changes lives.

Neiman Marcus’s Love to Give collection was on full display as a portion of their proceeds goes directly to the students in support of funding art programs. Guests were also treated to a touching holiday performance by the Dillard Dance Academy students.

Literacy Night RGW October 2017

October 26 Ranger Good Works celebrated its 5th anniversary supporting the “Build Your Home Library” initiative during Literacy Night at Dillard Elementary School.  A show of superheroes made special guest appearances leading the way to a Love of  Learning through books. Over a 2000 books were given out to the attending families. A BIG Thank You to all of our donors, Barnes & Nobel and our star-studded volunteers for making this a night a BAM!!!! POW!!!! KABOOM!!!! KAPOW!!!! 

Career City 2017

Ranger Good Works was proud to present Career City 2017 to all our students at Dillard Elementary. We want to thank all the companies and organizations that participated to make this another successful event for our students.

Art Club 2017

We are happy to report the Dillard Art Club and their Art Immersion Program is up and running. The children learned about Vincent Van Gogh and his style of painting thick brush strokes.

Art Mural Renaissance 2017

We are happy to report the Dillard Art Club participated in our new Art Mural Renaissance program to complete a mural at Dillard Elementary.

Garden Club 2017

The Dillard Elementary Garden club is blossoming in 2017 thanks to volunteers and our partnership with Home Depot Fort Lauderdale.  The club has 48 members and meets twice a week to tend to their gardens.

Dillard Dance Academy 2017

2017 marks the 3rd year of The Dillard Dance Academy. The afterschool club is going strong with over 25 students participating.  Dance Coach Arlon Johnson is doing an amazing job “dancing with the stars”!

Hour of Code at Dillard Elementary December 2016

Ranger Good Works had an outstanding team show up to Volunteer with us for the Computer Science Education Week and CODE.ORG Hour of Code initiative held at Dillard Elementary.

Over 800 k-5 students participated in both “Unplugged” (paper activities and commanding people to move like robots) and computer “Plugged” coding programs on their tech devices. Thank you to everyone who supports Ranger Good Works in our effort to give the students at Dillard Elementary the 3 T’s. Time Talent Treasure!

Our Partners included Ranger Technical Resources, Van Dutch, Vocabulary/Spelling City, Wells Fargo, Safety Guys, Broward County Clerk of Courts, Giant Titan, and several others amazing volunteers.

Neiman Marcus Love To Give 2016 Reception by Ranger Good Works for Dillard Elementary School

Ranger Good Works hosted the Love to Give fundraiser kick-off on November 15th in partnership with Neiman Marcus at The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale. More than 150 attendees came out for the affair.

Guests of the event were treated to an exclusive preview of the luxury items featured in this year’s Neiman Marcus Love to Give collection, in addition to outstanding performances by the Dillard Drum Line, Dance Academy, and Choir. Attendees were also able to peruse an array of unique self-portraits of the students on display created in collaboration with artists at the Young At Art Museum (YAA), who volunteered their time and expertise to work hand-in-hand with the students on the project. ~ #LoveToGive #RangerGoodWorks

Literacy Night 2016

October 26, 2016

For the 4th year in a row, Ranger Good Works supported the “Build Your Home Library” initiative during Literacy Night at Dillard Elementary School.  The Dillard Dance Academy and the Drumline entertained the entire crowd with their exceptional talents. 11 volunteers dressed up as characters from the famous Dr. Seuss story Books.  1000 books were given out to the attending families. Every family who attended went to their child’s classroom to hear about what is being taught to their children.  Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers for helping to make this a night magical!

Summer Camp Program 2016

July – August 2016  Summer Camp Program

Ranger Good Works organized an exciting Summer Camp with our Partner Young At Art Museum and kept some of Dillard Elementary’s students in a safe, engaging environment where they enjoyed their friends, made new ones and continued to learn when school was out for the summer. “The students really blossomed and found their artistic talents.” Thanks to our friends at YAA and our donors for continuing to make the Summer Camp Program a success.

Clubs and After-school Programs 2016

A large percent of the student population at Dillard Elementary participates in one of RGW’s subsidized after school programs.  The most notable part of this statistic is the fact that students who do participate have better academic grades in school, compared to those who do not participate.  These programs also help encourage co-operation, interpersonal skills, development of their talents and even foster their hidden talents.

2015- 2016 After School Clubs finished with a super end of the year send off! Gifts were purchased to keep the children busy over the summer.   Items such as tablets for the Coders, plants and seeds for the Gardners, paint for the Artists, drumsticks for the Musicians, dance clothes for the Dancers and ties for the stylish Fly Guys and Eagle Men!

5th Grade Graduation – Dillard Elementary school

June 8th, 2016 Dillard Elementary 5th Grade Students graduated and will be moving up.

We are very proud of the fifth grade students.  Many of them have participated in several of our Ranger Good Works After School Clubs and Programs for the past three years.  We have watched them grow and become outstanding students among their peers.  We are blessed to have been able to touch some of their lives in a positive way! Congratulations to the students and to each person who have helped influence them thus far.

College Tour Program – Florida Atlantic University 2016

June 3th, 2016 Dillard Elementary 5th Grade Students had a one of a kind University Experience!

Fifth grade students spent four days and three nights at the Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton Campus.  The students had an opportunity to learn what it is like to be a college student staying in the dormitories, attending classes on campus, playing games and eating in the dining hall.

Community Exposure Program – Career City 2016!

On May 25th, 2016 Dillard Elementary

Students saw first hand what it felt like to take a walk through a safe and inviting city which Ranger Good Works created just for them.  Students learned about various professions and many of our local industries during their walk.  They engaged with almost 200 professionals and had the chance to ask questions!  Thank you to each individual who helped make this event a success!

Community Exposure Program – Science, Technology & Indy Car Racing!

On April 8th, 2016 Dillard Elementary 5th Grade Students met IndyCar Champions Helio Castroneves and Gil de Ferran

Two of Indy Car’s most successful racing drivers and long-time friends, Gil de Ferran and Helio Castroneves, headed to Dillard Elementary School to speak to the 5thGrade about their journey from being young ambitious kids in Brazil to success on the international motor racing scene.  The former Team Penske team mates spoke about the importance of science and math in racing and answered questions from the students.  The students had a chance to have their picture taken with the famed duo in front of Castroneves’  Chevrolet Camaro Indy 500 pace car. They were thrilled to see and be a part of the very animated and exciting presentation.  Well done!

Ranger Good Works was included in Fort Lauderdale‘s 54th Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

March, 2016 Ranger Good Works leadership Victoria Ranger and Angela Brown received recognition for their commitment to improve “the reality of life” for many school children in Fort Lauderdale at the 54th Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast presented by the National Christian Foundation South Florida. Feeling blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and caring community!

After school club – Ranger Super Coders & Robotics Club Update

As of March 3, 2016 Mrs Baptise reported the students are excelling in their studies in the After School Coding and Robotics Club.

In this club, students in grades three through five learn the basics of both coding and programming Lego robotics. In the beginning of the year, students are taught the basics of coding using programs such as Code.org, Tynker.com and scratch.mit.edu. Through the use of these programs our students are learning conceptual thinking which in turn fosters problem-solving skills that will in turn encourage a way of thinking that will help them in their day-to-day lives.  Each Friday students are given an opportunity to practice coding for the first hour and then they work with a partner to build and program their Lego Robots. During this time students get a chance to not only talk with their friends, but they are also given an opportunity to strategically solve problems focusing on logical and analytical reasoning and critical thinking.  This program has goals of preparing its students for college and career readiness, competitive workforce, and focuses on those life long skills that can be applied and transferable to any industry, especially those that focus on science and technology. For the remainder of this school year, students will learning how to incorporate the Lego Robotics expansion packs that focus on environmental goals such as addressing climate change and responsibility. Students will also be learning the basics of   HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Here are a few photos of students who recognized for their participation.  Great Job!  Click here to join our volunteer team.

Supporting Arts At Dillard Elementary

On Wednesday; January 27th Neiman Marcus Ft. Lauderdale hosted an intimate evening with acclaimed London based Jewelry designer Stephen Webster and helped celebrate his autobiographical new book Goldstruck: A Life Shaped by Jewelry!   Friends came from all over the state to celebrate and help raise awareness and funds. A percent of sales from Steven Webster’s collection will be graciously donated to Ranger Good Works in support of Dillard Elementary School Arts program.

After school club – Eagle Men & Fly Guys

Volunteer helps at Dillard Elementary & Field Trip to Home Depot

Mr. Morrison is working hard to develop the club with the help of some of our Volunteers and Community Partners .

After school club – Dillard Dance Academy

Dillard Dance Academy is going strong midway through its second school year thanks to our Community Partners.

Victoria Ranger & Angela Brown Present for the City of Ft. Lauderdale Compassion Tour January 2016

Compassion Tour – Victoria Ranger and Angela Brown presented for the Life Work Leadership class of 2016

Ranger Technical Resources and Dillard Elementary School were selected by the City of Ft. Lauderdale’s City Manager Lee Feldman to be used as the City’s choice as an influential Case Study within their Compassion Tour for the Lifework Leadership of South Florida.  On January 8, 2016 Victoria and Angela presented the Ranger Good Works program and described how the partnership between the public entity and private business has made a positive change and altered the direction of the school to over 122 business leaders and city officials.

Compassion Tour

Hour of Code at Dillard Elementary December 2015

Hour of Code – December 2015

Ranger Good Works had a fan-tas-tech team show up to support us for the Computer Science Education Week and CODE.ORG Hour of Code initiative held at Dillard Elementary. 36 Volunteers walked out of the session proudly wearing a ‪#‎BrowardCodes‬ – I coded did you? sticker.
Without a doubt every helping hand left their assigned classrooms with a smile on their face knowing they made a big impact on our community’s children of Fort Lauderdale.hour of code

Neiman Marcus LOVE TO GIVE Holiday Reception November 2015

The 2015 Love To Give Reception held at Neiman Marcus Ft. Lauderdale on November 3rd was a terrific success. We kicked off the holidays with live performances from students from Dillard Elementary who participate in the after school clubs.

Thanks to great planning by Jonie Sabo and Elias Synalvski from Neiman Marcus Ft. Lauderdale, the Dillard leadership team headed by Principal Angela Brown and Victoria Ranger Nunez from Ranger Good Works, all who attended had a great time.

Thank you to every person who attended, donated, or purchased Love To Give Items. This support will directly impact Arts Education at the Dillard Elementary. Thanks again and happy holidays. We #LOVE TO GIVE and LOVE Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale!

Literacy Night at Dillard Elementary October 2015

To kick off the literacy program, Dillard Elementary School had a fun-filled event on October 29, 2015 called Literacy Night. Every seat in the auditorium was taken and there was standing room only! The Step Team and the Drum-line entertained the entire crowd with their exceptional talents. We had volunteers help entertain the students by dressing up like the cast from the hit Disney movie Frozen. The energy and enthusiasm in the room was off the charts!!

The books that were donated by our members were given out to all of the attending families. Not only were the books donated, but also the costumes that were worn by the Pre-kindergarten students as well as many of the kindergartners. Every family member who attended went to their child’s classroom to hear about what was being taught to their children. Thank you to all of our members and volunteers for helping to make this a night magical!

This initiative is school-wide for all students from Pre-kindergarten through the fifth grade. The program is specially designed to foster literacy independence in young children and to bridge the literacy gap from school to home by giving each child their first book to begin a personalized home library. Thanks again

Literacy Program 2015-16 School Year

We continued the Build-a-Home Library literacy initiative again this year. The results from our 2015 book drive yielded a couple hundred more books than last year. Good thing because we have a couple hundred more students. Thank you to everyone who helped us with the book drive.

Please consider donating books at any time during the year. We will distribute them when they are needed or at the annual family engagement.

Dillard Elementary School Welcomes the 2015-16 School Year Miami Heat Style June 2015


Amar’e Stoudemire & HEAT Staff Distributed School Supplies & Gifts to Students

The Miami HEAT kicked off the 2015-16 school year in Broward County by welcoming back the students and teachers at Dillard Elementary School today. HEAT player Amar’e Stoudemire along with HEAT mascot, Burnie, and Uptown Dale hosted a pep rally at the school and distributed backpacks and other school supplies.

Community Reception and Mural Unveiling – May 2015

Ranger Good Works in partnership with FAT Village, Young At Art Museum (YAA), and the City of Ft. Lauderdale held a successful fun filled event on May 30th. Saturday’s community reception featured the official unveiling of the collaborative Mural Project and various art exhibits by Dillard Elementary students. The event was free and open to the public, and included family-friendly activities including a parade, live music, performances, graffiti painting and more. Over 400 Dillard families and community friends attended. Thank you to all that participated in our successful event!

Career City- May 2015

On Thursday, May 7, 2015 we accomplished our goal by delivering on the promise to inspire and show the students that they have a future. Although they are young, they can dream and work hard to achieve their goals bringing their dreams to fruition. Throughout the day we heard students say “this is the best day of my life”; “I can’t believe how big the city really is” and “I never got this many presents, even on my birthday.” Several comments I heard about were, “I love to draw… I didn’t know I could become an architect. I’m good at drawing. I think I can be an architect!” (Martin Architects); “I love to play games. I didn’t know I could have a job coding games, I want to be a programmer.” (Nova Southeastern University – Computer Science School); “I love clothes; I’m going to work at Neiman Marcus.” (Neiman Marcus) and “Mrs. Ranger, do you think I can be a drummer like the kids on the stage from Parkway Middle School?” My answer was “yes, talk to Mr. Morrison about it and I bet he can help you get started now.” (Victoria Ranger).

With these positive thoughts, we will close by saying thank you again! Thank you for trusting us and for investing your time in our program. We look forward to having you join us again next year for our third annual Career City at Dillard Elementary.

Humane Society Field Trip – May 2015

On May 13, 2015 Some of Dillard’s 4th and 5th grade class visited Broward County Humane Society on a Field Trip Hosted by Darlene Feldman and Christy Gumberg. The students and their teachers loved interacting with the animals.

C&I Studios Field Trip – May 2015

Some of Dillard’s 5th Grade Students enjoyed visiting the amazing C&I Studios on May 13, 2015. Students were given a tour of the coffee house and then taken into the studio where they were taught how to produce their very own show.

Junior Welfare Society visits Dillard – April 2015

On April 28, 2015 Ranger Good Works and Dillard Elementary hosted a visit from members of the Junior Welfare Society. The wonderful members brought donations, read books to the young students and helped the administrative team organize the science lab. A big “thank you” goes out to all of them for the love, hugs and smiles given, the great amount of hands on support and the financial support given for the literacy and technology initiatives.

Impact Girls Gala – April 2015

On April 24 2015, we had the honor of attending the Impact Girl’s Spring Gala and Awards dinner alongside our partner, Neiman Marcus. The event featured live performances, a fashion show presented by the students and concluded with an award ceremony. Ranger Good works is extremely proud of club leader, Ms. Angela Dix, and her ability to empower the lives of such young girls. It was very inspiring to witness firsthand how dedicated and disciplined the Impact girls are. As our bond with Dillard continues to grow, so does our passion for watching each one of them transform into beautiful butterflies.
Congrats Impact Girls!

History Matters – February 2015

Angela Brown and Victoria Ranger visited C&I Studios in FAT Village to join in on being a part of their special production of short films for Black History Month.

Broward College Tour – November 2014

Over one-hundred wide-eyed students entered Broward College’s A. Hugh Central Campus to tour the Health Sciences Simulator Center and the Buehler Planetarium. The college mascot, Sammy the Seahawk, showed the students how to put their hands together to create the Seahawks hand gesture. In the Health Sciences Simulation Center a team of doctors and nurses gave an overview of simulators. One was a human simulator on a gurney that could blink, breathe, and talk. Each student was given a pair of gloves and stethoscope with a heartbeat simulator attached enabling them to experience some of what it is like to be a nurse or doctor. The tour concluded in the Buehler Planetarium, a state-of-the-art facility that features a 40-foot dome where videos of the cosmos are projected for everyone to see. The students were able to see stars that are impossible to see with the naked eye.

Events like these encourage students to pursue higher education – a necessary part of improving the community.

Love to Give – November 2014

Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale and Ranger Good Works presented The Love to Give Collection on Wednesday, November 5th. This event kicked off a fundraising endeavor that will last through December 24th, during which time 10% of all sales generated from items in The Love to Give Collection will benefit Ranger Good Works in support of Dillard Elementary School. Together we are changing the lives of these students by meeting their basic needs, giving them love, and augmenting the educational tools they so desperately need.

The Young At Art museum volunteered their artists and time to assist in the creation of a masterpiece with the students from Dillard which was on display during the event. Attendees enjoyed the outstanding performances from the Impact Girls, the Eagles Step Team, the Dillard Drum Line, and Ms. Marguerita’s Dancers. The Martin Men wowed the crowd with their charming manners while serving chocolates and smiles.

{Fin Tank} – October 2014

Our Ranger Super Coders group had the opportunity to participate in the 1st Hack-a-thon and Teach-a-thon held at the Sun Life Stadium, co-sponsored by Microsoft and Citrix, called the Fin Tank 2014. The students had fun learning some web-coding basics from volunteer programmers from Citrix. Afterwards, Ben Greaves, account executive with the Miami Dolphins, took the kids on a tour of Sun Life Stadium so they could see where the Miami Dolphins practice and play.

Literacy Night – October 2014

Ranger Good Works had the pleasure of supporting Literacy Night at Dillard Elementary School. Every seat in the auditorium was taken! The Step Team and the Drum-line entertained the entire crowd with their exceptional talents. The energy and enthusiasm in the room was contagious! Our members donated over 1,000 books which were given out to all of the attending families. Our members also donated the costumes that were worn by the pre-kindergarten students and many of the kindergartners.

Super Coders Visit Nova Southeastern University – October 2014

The Ranger Super Coders had a GREAT time at Nova Southeastern University learning about college and building solar powered robots with Dean Ackerman!

The Heart of Neiman Marcus – July 2014

Ranger Good Works was happy to see many of our friends and family members shopping, socializing, and more importantly, supporting Dillard Elementary School. Everyone had a smile on their face and a rack of clothes ready to purchase. Ten percent of ALL the merchandise sales were donated to a great cause, the start of an Art Program for 800 deserving Dillard students.

All-America City – June 2014

Fort Lauderdale is a great city and Ranger Technical Resources is proud to be included in the strategic plan to keep it that way! Victoria Ranger, President of Ranger Technical Resources and Ranger Good Works, was chosen to be a participant in Mayor Jack Seiler’s delegation to the National Civic League. She, along with an amazing delegation led by City Manager Lee Feldman, presented Fort Lauderdale’s story, which earned the city a place in history.

The City of Fort Lauderdale was named as one of ten cities, nationwide, to earn the distinction of 2014 All-America City by the National Civic League. Click Here for more information.

Career Day – May 2014

Ranger Good Works hosted Career City, a fun and interactive version of Career Day, for the 2nd through 5th graders of Dillard Elementary. More than 50 companies comprising over 150 representatives participated in this event, bestowing upon the students a tremendous amount of love.

The event was a huge success thanks to everyone’s generosity and support! The love and warmth shown to the children of Dillard Elementary will be remembered forever. Make sure you save the date for next year (May 7th) when we build Career City all over again.

Teddy Bear Clinic – January 2014

The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Teddy Bear Clinic at Dillard Elementary was a huge success! Thank you to our donors for providing the students with 260 Teddy Bear “Patients” giving students the opportunity to play doctor.

Literacy Night – October 2013

Ranger Good Works helped facilitate over 800 book donations which supported numerous families with literacy concerns. This program provided plenty of books for the children and their parents use and build an in home library. As a result, FCAT reading scores are up by 23% in the third grade. We also heard that all of the scores are increasing tremendously! We continued this program with a surprise book donation from Pine Crest School which augmented hundreds more of slightly used books to fill a section of Dillard’s school library.

Art Adventure Program

On Friday May 30th, 70 of our Dillard students saw 50 pieces from the world famous Guy Harvey Exhibit at Nova Southeastern University. This activity was facilitated by a thoughtful Ranger Good Works Member who continuously keeps our children of Dillard in mind. Thank you Lois Marino! This field trip was the start of an incredible Art Adventure which is in the works.

College Tour Program

With a successful community partnership with Paradise Education Foundation and Paradise Bank, we helped fund the college tour program. Dillard’s students had a chance to walk through academic, residential, athletic and administrative buildings and meet with faculty to discuss college programs. Our partnership with PEF goes beyond the college tour program. PEF provides Ranger Good Works an account to manage the donations and funding for all of Dillard’s programs and needs. Also, with the help of Aliant payment systems we are able to receive credit card donations right from our website. Make a donation today!


Ranger Good Works helped supply a store with no price tags where they can receive school supplies, clothes, shoes, hygiene products and more. The store is located directly on campus to assist their students when something unexpected comes up. A Big thank you goes out to all of the donations made to the Dillard store.

Impact Girls Club

We had the honor of presenting the donation of 60 nook books for the students of Dillard at the Impact Girl’s Spring Gala and Awards dinner. In addition to the donation, Victoria Ranger was presented with the A+ Sponsor award recognizing her for the IMPACT she is making in the school. Ranger Good works is extremely proud of Ms. Angela Dix and her ability to empower the lives of such young girls. As our bond with Dillard grows, we look forward to watching each one of them transform into beautiful butterflies!

Music Program

David Morrison is the proud music teacher at Dillard Elementary. He has the privilege of teaching some of the most talented students in the state. Dillard Elementary has a dynamic drum-line that performs all over the tri-county area. Our Volunteer Professional, Johnathon Jadvani, has attended and assisted countless 7:30 am practices. As his volunteer hours added up, it was only a matter of time before he discovered additional ways to aid the drum line. As a result, he was able to provide a connection with Remo for new drum heads for the music class. Now, the group is able to perform loud and clear and can fashionably be noticed by their new uniforms which were provided by Eric Brown.

Super Coders Club

As you may already know, the Ranger Good Works initiative was designed to meet the philanthropic needs of Ranger Technical Resources’ employees, friends, and family. Our desire as a company to give back grew stronger and stronger as we continued to engage with the students of Dillard. Therefore, we started a technology club for them called the Ranger Super Coders. The club was designed for students of all ages to provide a great first experience in computer science and coding. We meet for an hour every month to educate students about the importance of computer science by volunteering our time and talent. Our aim is to inspire the younger generation to develop a better understanding of technology and coding by fostering the desire to build, innovate, and dream. Please be sure to check out their progress by visiting www.rangercoders.com.


It takes awareness and many helping hands to make a difference. We did not accomplish the goal of doing a great job servicing the needs of Dillard Elementary alone. Our Volunteer Professionals strengthened relationships with students by their continued participation and numerous hours of time spent reading to the students, assisting in the classrooms, and much more.