Literacy Program

A majority of Dillard’s students are entering kindergarten lacking reading readiness skills. Very few parents read to their children and they rarely visit the library. Dillard Elementary is providing multiple strategies to close the literacy gap.

RGW collects and purchases over 800+ books every year to support the Literacy Program.  As a result of a combined effort, there has been an increase in parent participation relating to Literacy from 8% (2011-2012) to over 78% (2014-2015).

RGW hosts a literacy night annually every October. In 2013 there were less than 25 parents-caregivers in attendance.  In 2015 there were over 800+ attendees.

Build-a-Home Library is the theme again for this year literacy’s initiative. This is a school wide/family/engagement initiative for all students from prekindergarten through fifth grade. This literacy initiative is specially designed to foster literacy independence in young children and to bridge the literacy deficit gap from school to home by giving each child their first book to begin a personalized home library.

If you have used books to share with the students please contact us or purchase books through supporting Ranger Good Works.