Stabilizing and setting up an inclusive sustainable program for our featured organization Dillard Elementary is our current focus.  Ranger does support other organizations. Our purpose is to help provide a quality education to students which will enable them to become well-rounded individuals in order to compete with peers both academically and socially.

We are currently servicing Dillard in several areas:

      • Advocate on behalf of the school to bring community support
      • Administrative partnership and guidance
      • Motivational incentive and awards for the teaching staff and children
      • Sending or coordinating volunteers
      • Mentoring  and tutoring students in the areas of reading, music, math, science and technology
      • Supplying financial donations for books, clothing, shoes, hygiene products, food and miscellaneous goods
      • Procuring technology: ipads, nooks and software
      • Providing community exposure (visits to businesses, museums and more)
      • Setting up field trips and funding for transportation
      • Aid in coordination of tours and giving funds for College Tour programs
      • Financially supporting and organizing after school and summer camp programs
      • Life Experiences they will not get at home

There may be additional individual programs not listed being supplied to the school or other participants.  Please contact us for more information.