Volunteer Program

Our volunteers provide positive adult influences, encouraging and supporting kids through fun interaction and good works.

We encourage our community friends and leaders to help us make a difference in our student’s lives.

Mentors Program

The purpose of having mentors is to provide disadvantaged children with caring volunteer adult role models to befriend them and spend quality time with them. RGW mentors incorporate tutoring and academic enrichment activities that support student achievement in the classroom, and help students meet proficiencies required by Dillard Elementary School.

Guest Speaker Hero Program

Guest speakers are brought into the after-school clubs. RGW recruits talented, goal oriented and successful individuals to go to the school to visit with a goal to excite or inspire the students. Areas of interest may range from professional to home economics. Examples of speakers have ranged from women computer technologists to race car drivers.

Helping Hands Program

Volunteers pitch in and give helping hands by either donating their time at an event or by simply going into a classroom and reading to the young students.

Administration and Office Volunteer Opportunities

It takes many helping hands to facilitate programming, funding, volunteers, technology and communications for our members and participants. If you are office oriented and would like to make a difference behind the scenes, contact us to discuss ways you can contribute your time.

Become a Good Works Member and Volunteer!

To get started, please complete this form and allow up to 1 business day for our Community Coordinator to respond.