Dance Club Performing Arts Program

Arts education has many benefits. It is associated with improvements with confidence, social skills, concentration, motivation, memorization, classroom participation, teamwork and making a commitment to a group.

Dillard understands the importance of teaching a STEM-based education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and is now calling it STEAM. The A is for Art!

Program Information

Ranger Good Works gives funding for instruction and supplies for after school dance clubs. Dillard’s Principal reports to us that the students who participate in the clubs have a higher level of interest in their classes during the day. The students’ grades and attendance on an average are 50% better than students not participating in a club at Dillard Elementary. The students work hard so they may join in the fun with the other kids in the clubs. Keeping the children in a safe, fun and stimulating environment after school is having a positive effect. Join our fight to help give students a chance to feel good about who they are and dream about who they can be when they grow up.

Dillard Dance Academy
This club provides an opportunity for 20 students to learn the art and skills of different types of dance styles under a very experienced dance instructor.

We are in need of volunteers to assist in the Dillard Dance Academy.
Dance assistants: Responsibilities include assisting the dance instructor, dancing your heart out with 20 elementary students. Lending a helping hand and encourage students. No experience required.

The dance club meets 2 hours a day 2 days a week.
Volunteer time frame needed 2:00-4:00 Tuesday and/or Thursday.

Step Team
This club provides an opportunity for 40 students to learn the art and skills of step dancing. The Step club meets 2 hours a day 3 days a week.
We are asking for donations to help purchase shirts and hair bows for 40 young ladies.

Outside Dance Programs

We support and work with programs who encourage youth in the performing arts.

Please help us support the Performing Arts initiative by volunteering or donating.